Saturday, December 04, 2010

Heroes For Hire #1

Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning & Brad Walker

The new incarnation of Heroes For Hire sees many heroes from the Marvel Universe take instructions from "control" to carry out missions to clean up the streets via an ear piece delivered to them.  Each of the heroes are recruited for something that each of them can provide to help the greater mission.  Among the heroes involved in this first adventure to crack down on a drug smuggling operation are Falcon (for tracking down the shipment), Black Widow (for stopping the shipment), Moon Knight (to take out the warehouse the shipment was going to), and Elektra (to infiltrate the stronghold of the man responsible for the drugs and assassinate him).  Misty Knight takes the role of "control," guiding the heroes through what they must achieve to collectively make this drug issue go away.  Something must have happened to Knight during Shadowland that I'm unaware of, since she now dons a cybernetic arm...among other things.  Similar to the early days of Chuck Dixon's Birds of Prey, when Oracle would instruct Black Canary long distance from her wheelchair, Misty Knight seems to have a knack for hacking into computers, and is generally very resourceful.  Walker does a nice job of choreographing a very action-driven title between close-ups of Misty's pouty lips, with a pretty realistic style that suits this dark book very well.  Overall, this was a solid debut issue, even if it isn't exactly breaking new ground.


Mick Martin said...

Hasn't Misty Knight always had a cybernetic arm?

Dave Ferraro said...

I looked it up - looks like Tony Stark gave it to her back in the day, so that's not new - guess I just never noticed before. But something's still different about her - I don't want to spoil it, so read the issue if you want to know what's going on with her (although it may take a few issues to get an actual answer).