Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Underground #1 (of 5)

Jeff Parker & Steve Lieber
I really enjoyed the debut issue of this new mini-series by Jeff Parker (Agents of Atlas) and Steve Lieber (Whiteout), even if it was mostly set-up. So far, there's a nice small cast of characters (even if the villain is a little two-dimensional), with a nice lead into the greater adventure that will take place underground in a cave system. The small town politics of profit for a struggling town vs. the delicate ecosystem of a thousands-of-years-in-the-making cave environment is really fascinating, and gives believable motives for the players involved. And while it was a little dialogue heavy this issue, I really didn't mind it, as it was very natural and informative for the story at hand. The plucky heroine Ranger Wes seems like just the character to lead this comic, which certainly has survivalist-criminal-female-lead echoes of Steve Lieber's collaboration with Greg Rucka on Whiteout and its sequel, while exploring new territory in the dark caves for this thriller, ala The Descent. Lieber's art is clear and crisp, foreshadowing what is sure to be some amazing action scenes in forthcoming issues. The little action that does occur here is executed pretty perfectly, with great thought given to lighting and coloring, and panel arrangements, which are certainly going to be key components in this comic going forward. This definitely has the marks of a great book.

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