Saturday, October 10, 2009

Previews HYPE: December '09

Beginning with books coming to comic shops in frosty December, I will wade through the phone book that is Previews Catalogue to sift out some goodies for the month that I think may get overlooked, or that I'm just plain excited about. And to make a leaner, better, healthier selection, I'm limiting myself to a top ten books. There may be other good stuff - I'm sure that some months will prove to be difficult as hell to narrow down - but to keep things interesting, I'm cutting the fat to a nice even ten to throw my hype behind.
1. The Complete Milt Gross Comic Books and Life Story HC
Milt Gross, Edited by Craig Yoe
IDW Publishing
This beast of a collection is a part of IDW's new "Yoe Studio" imprint featuring collected materials that the talented Craig Yoe (Modern Arf) sees fit to put his energies toward. Clocking in at 368 pages, this book collects all of Milt Gross's comic books in full color, restored.
2. Hulk: Winter Guard
David Gallaher, Steve Ellis, Peter David & Dale Keown
Marvel Comics
That's right, I'm excited about this. And I fully realize that Grant Morrison killed off Darkstar as a joke about the obscure superhero characters that fans attach themselves to, but I love the Russian mutant anyway and I'm glad that she's alive again. Or maybe someone just forgot that she was dead. Whatever. This comic has a new story featuring the Hulk and a gaggle of Russian superheroes from the creative team behind High Moon, as well as a reprint of Incredible Hulk #393.
3. John Stanley Library: Thirteen Going On Eighteen HC
John Stanley
Drawn & Quarterly
The latest collection in Drawn & Quarterly's loving reprints in The John Stanley Library (following Melvin the Monster and Nancy) is the classic, highly-regarded teen comedy/character study Thirteen Going on Eighteen.
4. The Creeper by Steve Ditko HC
Steve Ditko, Don Segall, Dennis O'Neil, Michael Fleischer & others
DC Comics
I'm loving these reprints of classic runs that DC is turning out. The Creeper has always been an intriguing figure in the DC Universe to me, and now we get to see his humble beginnings in a new hardcover collection.
5. Newave! The Underground Mini Comix of the 1980's HC
Edited by Michael Dowers
Fantagraphics Books
This new collection of works from innovative underground artists that followed in the footsteps of some of the greats from the 70's include some big names like Dan Clowes and Gary Panter.
6. Angel #28
Bill Willingham & Brian Denham
IDW Publishing
IDW breathes new life into their Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off) title once more with a new exciting creative team that includes Bill Willingham of Fables fame.
7. Black Widow & the Marvel Girls #1 & 2 (of 4)
Paul Tobin, Salva Espin & Jacopo Camagni
Marvel Comics
Wow, Marvel really wants a backlog of Black Widow titles before Iron Man 2 comes out (another hardcover reprint collection also comes out this month: Web of Intrigue). But I can't complain - I'm a sucker for girl power team-up titles like this. This one features plenty of Marvel's dames, such as Spider-Woman, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Enchantress and The Wasp. If you can't get enough of the gals, the New Avengers Annual #3 also features the New Avengers girls teaming up to pound some H.A.M.M.E.R. butt.
8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow One-Shot
Joss Whedon & Karl Moline
Dark Horse
You read that right: Joss Whedon is writing this comic! Still taking place during Season Eight of the regular Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, this one-shot focuses on everyone's favorite wacky Wiccan as she deals with her magic issues. Again. Featuring the art of Fray artist Karl Moline!
9. Not Simple GN
Natsume Ono
Viz Media
It seems that Viz is adding some new titles to their consistently excellent Viz Signature Collection again, featuring a bunch of graphic novels by creator Natsume Ono, Not Simple being the first. Three more Ono manga will follow in the new year.
10. Blackest Night: The Next Wave
Blackest Night: The Flash #1: Geoff Johns & Scott Kolins
Blackest Night: JSA #1: James Robsinson, Eddy Barrows & Ruy Jose
Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #1: Greg Rucka & Nicola Scott
DC Comics
Not only is Blackest Night bleeding into every other comic in the DC universe, but a new wave of mini-series is coming at you from some pretty top-notch creative teams, featuring A-Listers Wonder Woman, Flash & the JSA.

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