Sunday, October 11, 2009

Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural #1

Rick Remender & Jefte Palo
I really, really enjoyed the recent New Avengers arc that surrounded Doctor Strange and the Eye of Agamotto's search for a new sorcerer supreme, although the choice of Brother Voodoo left me a little disappointed. Brother Voodoo is such a D-List character to follow in Dr. Strange's shoes. I was personally hoping for Son of Satan, but I'll have to be content with a guest appearance in the second issue of this book. Anyways, going by this debut issue of the new Doctor Voodoo title, with the word "Avenger" thrown into it to half-heartedly link it to the "Avengers" brand, I can see why they picked this character. He's pretty indistinct, and thus, can be molded into whatever kind of character the creators choose. They can make another no-name character into a franchise! I still think it would have been more fun to have given the title of sorcerer supreme to Son of Satan or Selene, but here we have an everyman type of character with a good heart (yawn) as the protagonist. Unfortunately with this character as the lead, this book is pretty much going to hinge on the villains and storylines that meander through the series. This first issue alone had Dormammu and Dr. Doom guest spots, as well as a voodoo type demon that attempted (very poorly) to add a touch of voodoo horror to the title. I think a voodoo magic character could be really cool with his own series, but I'm not sure this creative team has the imagination to push the concept into any territory worth investigating. The art alone is competent, but that's all. Plus, I'm a little dubious about magical characters that have no set limits of power. Challenges seem to be overcome too easily, and thus dampen any sort of suspense that is built up during a story. I kind of felt like that throughout the entire first issue here. Doctor Voodoo never seemed in any sort of danger really. And with a character like him as the lead, I could care less if he were. I don't know - maybe there's more to him and he'll surprise me, but as the book stands, I think the creators need to step up their game immediately.

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