Monday, December 01, 2008

Manga Monday: Papillon

Papillon (volume 1)
Miwa Ueda
Papillon is a new shojo manga by the creator of Peach Girl, which I've never read, but given this initial volume of Ueda's new series, I may want to check out. The story follows Ageha, a quiet awkward high school girl raised in the country by her grandmother, who moves to Tokyo to go to the same high school as her popular, confident twin sister Hana, who grew up with their parents. When Ageha decides to make her feelings known to her crush (and childhood friend) Ryusei, Hana makes a pass for him, beginning a rivalry between the two girls. Thankfully, Ageha has Ichijiku on her side. Ichijiku is a guidance counselor who's taken an interest in Ageha, building her confidence and helping to bring our her beauty. As the book moves along, Ageha earns support from her classmates, and even, oddly enough, her twin sister, who's both proud and jealous of the development in Ageha. This book is illustrated quite nicely by Miwa Ueda, with a good amount of tension and enough awkwardness and backstabbing to make you wince. But really, who wants a shojo book without the drama? There's plenty of that and more in this title.

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