Monday, December 29, 2008


Theo Ellsworth
I love Theo Ellsworth's Capacity graphic novel. The art is often intricate and ornate and its one of the most imaginative, magical books I've ever experienced. It's full of strange creatures, bizarre happenings and complex contraptions for a beautiful final product. I really like how Capacity is a lot about the creative process, how it works, where it comes from, and the author's personal experiences with the demons associated with creating. It was very encouraging and thoughtful and left me feeling quite inspired. Whether trudging through an underwater town or skulking along dangerous meandering streets, readers get to follow the author on a quest for understanding himself, a place to feel inspired, and a way to put aside distractions long enough to put one idea to paper. I'll admit that once the actual "Capacity" comics began, I was a little fidgety, hoping to get back to the interesting happenings at the opening of this graphic novel and how the author came to create his "Capacity" comics, but the actual comics soon warmed up to me and kind of took on the tone of the overall book, so I enjoyed the hell out of them as well. This is one of those books where you really don't want to rush through it, but stop to stare at the crazy beautiful art on the pages, kind of savor it before moving on. I really can't recommend this whimsical journey through one man's mind enough. A true treasure.

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