Monday, December 29, 2008

Manga Monday: Daemonium

Daemonium (Volume 1)
Daemonium is an original English language manga from Tokyopop. The story, written and illustrated by Kosen, follows Seisu, a high school boy scarred both mentally and physically following a car accident he was in with his parents where he was the sole survivor. Embittered and shunned over the years, Seisu has only his sister to keep him going, and is happy to go along with her to a small paradise away from it all in the countryside, where they can have some peace, and where Seisu feels surprisingly at home amid people who think nothing of his scars. The only thing is one beautiful boy seems determined to help him somehow, hinting that things around them aren't as they seem. Soon enough, Seisu is caught up in a dark fantasy where angels and demons exist and he's caught in crossfires that will force him to venture into Hell itself for his friends. So, there's a lot of potential in a premise like this. At this point, it can go either way, doing something new and inventive or just kind of going through the motions and offering little of interest as the story unfolds. But the set-up for this sort of story played out pretty well, building slowly with a nice mystery and a few surprises. Some of the new characters introduced later in the volume are a little less encouraging (pretty stereotypical stuff), leading me to believe that it may not be as innovative of a story as I at first believed. But only time will tell. Kosen knows how to tell a story, and while the art may look a little generic, the attention to detail is pretty nice.

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