Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Order (Volume 2): California Dreaming

Matt Fraction, Barry Kitson & Javier Saltares
I didn't quite like the second volume of The Order as much as I loved the first, but it's still very good, with plenty of unexpected things happening. I felt like the book was a little rushed toward the end, probably a result of its cancellation, but there was still a thrilling climax and satisfying final issue. I was also disappointed that Barry Kitson didn't draw the last two issues. I love Kitson's art (I was impressed with his recent stint on Wolverine: First Class as well) and Javier Saltares's art was jarring when it appeared. Two more issues and the book could have had a nice consistency through its finale...ah, well. I do think this series had a top-notch creative team. Matt Fraction is one of the best writers working in mainstream comics right now, and Barry Kitson's one of those artists I notice when he makes an appearance. It's too bad that the book was cancelled so soon, but perhaps we'll see more of The Order in the future. The book is nominated for "Best New Series" at the Harvey Awards at the end of September (presented at the Baltimore Comic-Con), so maybe a win will mean another chance for the book. If not, the characters will still be part of the Marvel Universe - we can only hope that they will be utilized by as capable hands as the ones involved with this book.

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