Air #1

G. Willow Wilson & M.K. Perker

Air is a new series that debuted a few weeks back from Vertigo, by the creative team behind last year's graphic novel Cairo - a work that was flawed, but showed a lot of promise from these artists. Air leaves behind the magical whimsy of Cairo (but not the suspension of disbelief, mind you) to concentrate on hot current issues in America. Like terrorism. The debut issue of this title introduces Blythe, a flight attendant with a fear of heights, as she's pulled into a web of warring parties that wish to prevent terrorism (maybe), by causing terrorism (probably) - or something like that. Anyways, Perker's art is looking nice here, above average for a Vertigo title, although it still looks very much like a Vertigo book from the first glance. There are some fun, interesting things set up for this book, and the cool ideas that were utilized throughout this debut issue were executed pretty spot-on. Unfortunately, the characters don't do much for me: I mean, come on, the overtly gay flight attendant best friend was completely unnecessary. But on the flip side, I was really enamoured by the romance between Blythe and the man of mystery that comes to sweep her off of her feet. It was sudden, but very fitting, and, well, he was a really charming character (the best of the bunch). I don't think this book has really lived up to the promise of the creators yet, but I think they're getting closer with this venture, and it could perhaps morph into something better further on.


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