The Bond of Saint Marcel #1 (of 6)

Jennifer Quintenz & Christian Gossett

The Bond of Saint Marcel is a new mini-series from two members of Team Red Star, the faces behind the acclaimed Eisner-nominated science fiction comic series The Red Star (Gossett, the creator of The Red Star, does art on this book, while Quintenz writes). The Red Star's always stood out because of its art, and while it works wonders in The Red Star's industrial world of skyfurnaces and war-ravaged battlegrounds, it leaves a tad to be desired in a human story such as this one, where the characters come off looking a little cold. But that being said, the art is still very nice. And the story is a great one (the screenplay by Quintenz has not surprisingly already been snatched up by the studio behind The Strangers). Young rebellious Katherine Johnstone descends from a rich and powerful family who were vital in fending off the British during The Revolutionary War, but they accomplished this through occult means, having bound a vampire against his will to a ring to serve its bearer. It was only intended to be used until the war was over, but the family grew greedy and it seems that it's been with them these hundreds of years, where it has finally fallen into the hands of Katherine on the eve of a vampire attack on her family. Things are still being set up in the book, but because I've read solicitations, I know that Katherine forms an uneasy alliance with this vampire guardian and things kind of go from there. It sounds like a great book, and if the fiery protagonist and perfect pacing are any indication, this is going to shape up into one hell of a genre work. The debut issue hits comic shops tomorrow.


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