Thursday, December 06, 2007

Scott Pilgrim (Volume 4):

Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together
Bryan Lee O'Malley

Those who've read the previous three volumes of Scott Pilgrim know what to expect from the book: a pretty hilarious title featuring a cast of hipsters boasting influences from manga to video games to music. No one who's followed along will be disappointed with the latest edition to the universe, though it does throw a few curves at its readers, resulting in some changes to the series. For one thing: Scott Pilgrim does get it together. Sort of. He makes some good decisions that move him out of the realm of moocher/slacker, and more toward a responsible adult. I said more toward, because he still has a long way to go, and we want this book to be fun, right? And there's still the remainder of those seven evil exes of Ramona's that Scott has to battle to more permanently win her affection. And now there are mysterious figures stalking him as he and his friends travel from Sneaky Dee's to his apartment with his gay roommate Wallace, and, well...back to Sneaky Dee's. The first half of this particular book was a little slow-going. Maybe I felt like it was spinning its wheels a bit, not really doing anything very different, just offering more of the same. Which would have been fine. But the latter half of the book gets really good: Things drift more into video game territory, there's a lot of ass-kicking, and there are some nice moments for various members of the cast. Reading this book is like hanging out with your good friends. It's always a pleasure to visit these characters and follow their adventures and witty banter. And I can't wait for more. A

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