Friday, December 28, 2007

Picks of the Week: 12/28

Sifting out the books shipping to comic shops with the most potential... Remember, books come out on Friday this week and next week!

Dave's Pick:

Queen & Country Definitive Edition (Volume 1) - The definitive collection of Greg Rucka's acclaimed Queen & Country secret agent series comes out this week, collecting the first three volumes of the original collections (or twelve issues). I'll probably have a renewed interest in the series with Rucka's other Oni Press work, Whiteout, being released on the silver screen soon.

Patrick's Pick:

The Acme Novelty Library Vol. 18 - I would say that the latest installment of Chris Ware’s now annual series of self-published comic books/graphic novels is worthy of “Pick of the Week” status, wouldn’t you? Dave read and enjoyed it. I’ve not yet had the pleasure.

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