Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Perry Bible Fellowship

The Trial of Colonel Sweeto and Other Stories
Nicholas Gurewitch

The Dark Horse collection of strips from Nicholas Gurewitch's The Perry Bible Fellowship comic strip/webcomic is a pretty little hardcover with one of the best covers ever. It contains some incredibly funny, outrageous strips featuring cute animals, smiley faces and slimy space creatures. There are plenty of twists on properties like M&Ms and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, spoofs on other comic strips such as Family Circus, and funny extensions of things like alien abductions and The Garden of Eden. It kind of reminds me of The Far Side, but more sick and twisted. It's really fun stuff wrapped in a beautiful package, with art that varies in style from strip to strip. It's kind of hard to explain the appeal of the book - I feel like I'm not really doing it justice here. You kind of have to experience it for yourself. And I recommend you do so, at The Perry Bible Fellowship website, where you can read many of the strips. The hardcover collection from Dark Horse collects many of these as well as some "lost" strips. Get it and laugh. A


Lisa said...

Did you pay cover price, and if so, did you feel it was worth it? I'm wondering if we'd be able to sell it if we got a copy or two for the store.

Dave Ferraro said...

I actually did not pay cover price - I get a discount at the bookstore I work at, but the cover price is only $14.95, and even though it is on the skinny side as far as length goes, we sell children's books (as well as general humor books) that are about the same size and price as TPBF all the time at my store. It may be different for a comic book store though... But really, it's an eye-catching cover and I think if someone flips through it and gets a chuckle or two, they wouldn't think twice about plopping down $15 for it.

Lisa said...

Good to know Dave. I was thinking it was closer to $20. I did think it looked cool, but just wasn't sure if people would pick it up.