Sunday, November 26, 2006

In Passing...Snakewoman to X-Factor

Impaler #2
William Harms, Nick Postic & Nick Marinkovich

Impaler, now an ongoing series, is shaping up to be a really good horror title: Effectively creepy with dark, unsettling scenes. In this issue, a blizzard has come and gone in New York, and the morning has brought with it over three hundred missing persons. The police are baffled as they look for clues as to what happened that blistery night, ignoring evidence that's right in front of them that leads to the supernatural. A

Snakewoman #5
Zeb Wells & Michael Gaydos

Jessica gets an unexpected proposition from her captor as the 68 demand her death. A nice twist to the story at hand leaves me wondering what this title is going to be like in future issues. Michael Gaydos' art, as usual, is fantastic. B+

X-Factor #13
Peter David & Pablo Raimondi

This was an interesting break from the usual hustle and bustle of the series, as each member of X-Factor is in turn given a nice little dialogue with a therapist. It's neat to see where everyone's head is at this point, at it sets up future confrontations. A lot of talking heads, but really fun nonetheless. I enjoyed Raimondi's art on the issue - maybe he'll be on-board with future issues? A-

Jack of Fables #5
Bill Willingham, Matthew Sturges & Tony Akins

It all comes to a head here as Jack's great escape concludes, leaving a mess in its wake. Jack finds out where many Fables' loyalties lie as he selfishly races toward freedom. A great end to the first storyarc. A-

Runaways #22
Brian K. Vaughan & Adrian Alphona

Adrian Alphona's art just keeps getting better and better. I'm looking forward to any project he moves on to after his run on this book. This issue is a lot of sitting around and talking about recent events, including an obvious response to criticism about Xavin's sexuality, a response which doesn't really hold much weight. But the creative team's really going out with a bang, if that ending can be believed! B+

Ultimate Spider-Man #102
Brian Michael Bendis & Mark Bagley

What a crazy arc! It'll be sad to see Bagley leave this title, but at least he's also going out on top! The female Spider-Man clone's story is told here, with a rather neat twist, as Peter gets some bonding time with the other clones. Man, so much is going on in this book - and just where is this going to leave Mary Jane? A

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Anonymous said...

I love "Runaways" (and for that matter everything that Brian K. Vaughn do). I'll be sad to see this creative team leave, but who betther than Whedon to replace him for the writing? It should be fun :)