Sunday, November 05, 2006

In Passing...Mouse Guard to Criminal

It was a light week for comics, but that's fine with me since I seemed to barely have time to read four floppies...

Uncanny X-Men #480
Ed Brubaker & Clayton Henry

Henry fills in for Billy Tan for an issue in the most exciting chapter of Brubaker's run to date. This issue focuses on Vulcan and pits him against the Shi'ar's Imperial Guard, with an interesting player thrown into the fray by the conclusion of the book. Great battle sequences. A

Criminal #2
Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips

Another great Brubaker title this week, this one following a criminal as he gets his team ready to pull off a heist for millions of dollars in diamonds. The tension is palpable as things get under way, proving this book to be another winner. A

The Irredeemable Ant-Man #2
Robert Kirkman & Phil Hester

The fun superhero book from two great creators remains just as entertaining on its second time out. The origin of the new Ant-Man is pretty interesting: fun and goofy and complicated, but interesting. And I really like the main character. B+

Mouse Guard #5 (of 6)
David Petersen

The pawns are being set in place for the final showdown of Lockhaven. David Petersen's art is as lovely as ever bathed in blood-red tones in a dreary atmosphere complete with a flashback told through faux-storybook pages. The previous issues of Mouse Guard have been more self-contained, like little stories themselves that ultimately moved the plot along. This one is more integral to the overall plot, so I didn't find it as fulfilling as the last four installments, but it was certainly a worthy addition to the tale at large. B+

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