Friday, November 17, 2006

In Passing...Civil War to Anita Blake

This week in floppies...

Civil War #5 (of 7)
Mark Millar & Steve McNiven

Spoilers! The latest Civil War wasn't as shocking as previous issues, but introduced a few new elements while moving the plot along at a brisk clip. The Punisher joining the Resistance was kind of strange, as they're kind of "the good guys" of the story and Frank Castle isn't exactly a peacekeeper. Then there's the traitor, which had to happen (and it already did on the other side of the fence with Jennifer Carpenter in Ms. Marvel). Could have been someone a little more high profile than Tigra though. I thought that using the Negative Zone as a prison for the superhumans was a good idea, even if it is just ripping off DC's Phantom Zone... Something else I did like was that the pro-registration side was a little more sympathetic than they have been. A brief scene between She-Hulk and Mister Fantastic illustrates why this was their only choice and why it was important for them to choose their side. However shoving Daredevil into the Negative Zone isn't exactly going to win people over. But great art from McNiven as usual. B

New Avengers # 25
Brian Michael Bendis & Jim Cheung

Iron Man's front and center here as a former employee confronts Stark with the decisions he's made as of late, leading Commander Hill to take matters into her own hands. I like Hill and she's pretty prominent in this issue, and the awesome Jim Cheung art didn't hurt either. B+

Ms. Marvel #9
Brian Reed & Mike Wieringo

Taking a breather from Civil War, Ms. Marvel gets into a good old-fashioned scrape with Rogue as the two try to sort out recent events involving a doppelganger and the consequences of events from the first storyarc of the series, had Carol not been involved. Tellos' Wieringo pencils the iss. B-

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter in Guilty Pleasures #2 (of 12)
Laurell K. Hamilton, Stacie M. Ritchie & Brett Booth

Muscular torsos breed lots of action in the second Anita Blake comic, as Anita falls in with a group of vampires who find themselves forced to take steps in forcing the vampire hunter in aiding them in their plight. And they're not very hospitable either. The art gets a little too Top Cow-ish at times for my taste (though I am liking some things about it), and half-rat, half-men with perfect bodies? Kind of disturbing. C


Anonymous said...

I wasn't as thrilled with issue #5 of Civil War as with the previous one... good but not as strong as the first four issues. It felt more like a chapter to establish the different players for the final confrontation... I usually think my english is good but I'm sometime missing some expressions/references: what is Daredevil (Iron Fist?) talking about on the last page (31 pieces of silver)? Nice review as usual ;-)

~ Dave said...

The 31 pieces of silver...Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, so maybe it's DD's way of saying that he's even beyond that point of betrayal?

Anonymous said...

thanks for the explanation Dave, apparently it was actually my atheistic lack of knowledge of the new testament ;-)
Is it DD in these panels or Iron Fist (knowing this issue was supposed to come out a few months ago I would say it's still Iron Fist, but I'm not sure)

~ Dave said...

You got me there. I haven't been reading Brubaker's run on Daredevil. Sounds interesting though.