Thursday, November 24, 2005

Previews: February '06

What goodies are in store for us in February of next year...?

Antarctic Press:
- Alice In Wonderland #1 (of 4) - The cover of this solicitation caught my attention, but I didn't realize it was the creator of Neotopia until I read the captions later.

Archaia Studios Press:
- Mouse Guard: Belly of the Beast #1 (of 6) - This looks so damn cute. I love the art of the series.

Dark Horse:
- Hellboy: Makoma, or, A Tale Told By a Mummu in the New York City Explorers' Club on August 16, 1993 #1 (of 2) - Mike Mignola on a new Hellboy mini!

- Lady Snowblood (volume 3): Retribution part 1 - The first Lady Snowblood trade was great. It's a treat when I see a new one is coming out.

- Octopus Girl (volume 1) - The cover for this book looks awesome. You gotta love those great Japanese horror manga.

- Showcase Presents: House of Mystery (volume 1) - Isn't that a great cover? This volume includes work by artists such as Gil Kane and Neal Adams.

- Manhunter #19 - A new Manhunter is always welcome in my book. The first trade comes out fairly quickly if anyone wants to read the best DCU book out there presently.

- Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer #3 (of 4) - Another great cover to another great series.

- Seven Soldiers: Frankenstein #3 (of 4) - I was blown away by the debut of this Seven Soldiers series.

- Kid Eternity TP - I hadn't heard of this before, but Patrick said he'd heard it was a really underappreciated work by the creator.

Fantagraphics Books:
- The Comics Journal #274 - An interview with Abadazad creator Mike Ploog!

IDW Publishing:
- Night Mary TP - This has a cool premise. I've been meaning to check it out and now I'll get the chance.

- Dampyr (volume 10): House of Blood - Another installment of the great horror series.

Image Comics:
- The Portent #1 - This looks like a neat new series. There's a four-page preview with really nice art (reminiscent of Mignola) from Peter Bergting.

- Mora (volume 1): The Beast Will Show Their Teeth - This is one crazy good series. I really wasn't expecting it to be collected. Check this out!

Infinity Studios:
- Blood Alone (volume 1) - Another cool horror premise, although this is more of a love story, it seems, about a vampire girl. It comes with a slip cover and what a cover it has! I'll definitely check this out.

- Astonishing X-Men #13 - The triumphant return of the Whedon/Cassaday title! Yay!

- X-Men: Apocalypse/ Dracula #1 (of 4) - Cool cover. I...may check this out. Maybe.

- Giant-Size Ms. Marvel #1 - This could be fun - a bunch of reprints of old Ms. Marvel comics, and a new short story.

Narwain Publishing:
- Jenna TP - I wanted to check this out, but never saw the first issue...guess I'll be getting the trade!

- Someday's Dreamers (volume 1) - This has really pretty art, but by god, I hate when they compare series to other things. This does it twice - I guess it's a cross between Joan of Arcadia and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, as well as Harry Potter and Sailor Moon. So, what the hell does that mean?

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