Monday, November 21, 2005

In Passing...Deadly Genesis to Manhunter

Since I don't like to spoil much in terms of plot, I'm going to start giving grades to my mini-reviews, out of ten points...

Runaways #10 - The runaways have gone to New York to aid Cloak in his quest to clear his name. And the kids get to meet some big time heroes. Is it just me or was there something really cool about She-Hulk walking by and the kids getting all starstruck? 9/10

Manhunter # 16 - Manhunter meets Mr. Bones and is presented with a proposition (following a fight with Skorpio, who has a really cool, sleak look even if he wasn't much of a fight). The status quo just doesn't like to stand still for very long in this book, as things are on shaky ground and shifting once more. 9.1/10

Fables #43 - Something interesting is brewing here, between Beauty and Prince Charming and Beast, between the animal farm and New York, between the Arabian fables and all of the others. It'll be interesting to see where all of this takes us. 8.5/10

X-Men: Deadly Genesis #1 - This was boring when you get down to it. It seems that this is the story where we find the answers to the questions posed in House of M - like where did the energy from the mutants go? It just...doesn't make me care though. 2.4/10

Ultimate Spider-Man #86 - Ultimate Silver Sable. It's extremely nerdy that I'm loving this so much, but she rocks. Oh, and there's a fight between Spidey and Omega Red too. 8.6/10

All-Star Superman #1 - This is seriously the first Superman book I've ever read. The character's just had this boring air about him since before I can remember. The art and writing in this issue are great though. I'm still not sure about Supes, but I'll continue picking this book up. 8.5/10

Winner of the week: Manhunter
Loser of the week: X-Men: Deadly Genesis
Last CD I bought: Confessions on a Dancefloor - Madonna
Last Netflix rental I watched: Veronica Mars: Season One (Disc One)
Last graphic novel I read: V For Vendetta

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