Friday, November 18, 2005


Mora is a strange little tale, written and illustrated by Paul Harmon, from Image Comics. This four-issue mini is the "first act" of Mora, with maybe more to come? It didn't sell very well at all, but a lot of Image titles are extremely low on the sales charts and continue nonetheless. Mora consists of three stories that weave between the four issues, told by the narrators - a mutilated tortoise and hare. The story involving a young girl named Mora is about how this young girl befriends another girl in the city of witches, and has some odd "sixth sense" about her. In this city of witches, there are many dangerous creatures lurking about, crazed demons and child-devouring monsters, of which Mora and her friend learn through experience. The second story is almost exclusively related by the narrators, as sort of a fable, about a lion whose black soul consumes it, causing it to inevitably devour its own mother and her cubs. The third and final storyline is of a council of monsters and the delicate balance between them and the human world, as well as between each other. The monsters are made up of three creatures who became jealous of humans and have come to mimic them while preying on them - bats (vampires), snakes (witches) and wolves (werewolves). This saga is complete with fairies, odd relatives and a real sense of creeping darkness. One of the catch phrases of the book is "She couldn't know what she would become..." hinting at some kind of transformation of this young innocent girl that we come to know, whose power people feel. However, what that thing is, we don't know because the mini-series doesn't get that far. I recommend this work, but it is a dense read and you really have to be ready to invest a lot of attention in it, and do the work yourself, drawing similarities between the stories and simply making sense out of them. This book does not spell things out, but has the courtesy to assume the audience is capable of doing the work themselves.

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