Princess Fears

So, while I was going through some old boxes to unearth more teen novels, I came across some writing of mine.  I kept early drafts of "Hunters of the Dark" and a lot of older books that I wrote in my early teens that are probably god-awful.  I came across a notebook of poems and I thought my readers would get a kick out of it if I posted one.  It's dated 8/7/99 -  I was nineteen, a little old to be writing about princesses, but there it is.  And I wrote the time as 1PM, which I found cute.  Anyways, here's a little taste of nineteen-year-old me.

"Princess Fears"

Am I worthy?  Is it true?
Will my foot slip in the glass shoe?
Do I deserve to wear the crown?
I wonder as I gaze at a peasant's frown.
Will I feel a pea through a hundred beds?
Am I worth it when townsmen bow their heads?
I think of how I might disappoint and fail.
And the look of the king as the queen grows pale.
Can I spin straw into solid gold?
If I don't, will I fall into a monster's hold?
What will happen if I have a hundred years' rest?
Will a prince's kiss awaken me?  Will that be the test?
When I kiss a frog, will he become man?
I wonder sometimes what's in God's plans.
Why did he bear me with such a great deal?
Does he mind if I cry?  Des he care how I feel?
Can I toss cascades of hair from a castle tower?
Will I someday blossom into a beautiful flower?
Will a handsome prince carry me off into the night?
Oh, how I wish with all of my might.
I ask, "Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Will I ever live up to my call?"


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