Wednesday, January 02, 2013

January Previews Picks

Going forward, I will be putting out these posts featuring my picks for each month, books I wish to highlight from Previews Catalogue.  And weekly, I will only be highlighting one book.  For January, these are the books that caught my attention...

Young Avengers #1 - Kieron Gillen has quickly become one of my favorite writers over the past few years, and I love Jamie McKelvie's art, so this book is kind of a big deal in my book, especially as Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung haven't given up the reins on Young Avengers since they first created it, until now.  Gillen and McKelvie also created a fantastic comic together a few years ago called Suburban Glamour, so I'm happy to see them working together on this project.

Knights of Sidonia (Volume 1) - The creator of Biomega returns with a new manga series, this one a hard science fiction space comedy.

Uncanny X-Force #1 - Uncanny X-Force relaunches as Rick Remender leaves the title that propelled him to fame.  Welcome new characters like Bishop, Spiral and Storm to the team, as Sam Humphries and Ron Garney take over the book.

Last Day In Vietnam: A Memory HC - Will Eisner recounts his experiences as a soldier in Vietnam.

Superior Spider-Man #1 - With the odd, and controversial ending to Amazing Spider-Man #700, the flagship title's final issue (for now), we get this new series in its wake, featuring the new Spider-Man.

The Adventures of Jodelle HC - Guy Peellaert's pop art spy adventure from the 1960s.

Savage Wolverine #1 - Frank Cho did a Shanna the She-Devil mini-series previously, with great-looking art of dinosaurs in a wild landscape, and now Cho incorporates Wolverine into the equation for what will surely be a wild read.

Dear Beloved Stranger GN - This Xeric Award-winning graphic novel by Dino Pai is being brought to us by Top Shelf.

Morbius the Living Vampire #1 - Vampires are always fun.  Unless they sparkle.

Silver Surfer by Stan Lee & Moebius #1 - It's kind of sad that this is one of the few things that will be in print in the US from master cartoonist Moebius, who died this past year, but it's sure to be a great comic.

Steve Ditko's Monsters (Volume 1): Gorgo HC - The complete Gorgo by Steve Ditko.

The Unauthorized Tarzan HC - Originally printed when Tarzan was believed to have fallen into public domain, this Tarzan series had a short life and have never been reprinted, until now.

X-Women TP - I loved Milo Manara and Chris Claremont's X-Women one-shot, so I'm glad that it will be reprinted in this collection alongside other one-shots: Cloak & Dagger, Dazzler and Women of Marvel: X-23.

Star Trek: Countdown To Darkness #1 - Like the Countdown prequel comics from a few years ago, this leads into the new major motion picture.

Avengers: West Coast Omnibus (Volume 1) HC - I think this would be a lot of fun to read.  Some great creators are seen in this first volume, including Roger Stern, Steve Englehart and Steve Ditko.

The High Ways #1 (of 4) - A new science fiction mini-series written and drawn by John Byrne.

Thor: The Mighty Avenger - The Complete Collection TP - Remember this little canceled-too-soon gem from a few years ago?

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