Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Memorial #1

Chris Roberson & Rich Ellis

Memorial is a new mini-series published by IDW, from Chris Roberson (I, Zombie, Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love) and Rich Ellis, following a girl called Em after she stumbles into a hospital with amnesia, with no record of who she is, the only clue being the letter "M" on a necklace she's wearing.  While we follow Em as she establishes a new life for herself, we also get a glimpse of a dark world of magic called the Everlands, where we are introduced to a mysterious tyrannical ruler in shadows and her henchmen, which includes a living puppet.  Em stumbles upon a key in a curiosity shop and things kind of get hectic from there, as she is attacked immediately upon finding it by people from the Everlands, and discovers something rather interesting about the shop she has found.  This was a nice introduction to this world of magic that Roberson and Ellis have created.  Using a character with amnesia like Em, readers get to discover what's going on alongside her, letting things slowly unravel in an exciting way.  And while there is a lot of set up in this first issue, it unfolds slowly and is clearly laid out in neatly arranged panels, with nice art from Ellis.  The creators have also established a nice atmosphere here, with a real energy to the work that I appreciated.  Memorial is an intriguing story thus far, with several mysteries that I'm actually pretty anxious to see resolved.  A very promising first issue to a neat series.  There will be six issues in the mini-series total, with the second issue hitting comic shops today.

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