Sunday, January 08, 2012

Fatale #1

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips

Fatale is a new noir thriller from Ed Burbaker and Sean Phillips, the creative team behind the acclaimed series Sleeper and  the Marvel Icons series Criminal and Incognito.  Published through Image Comics, Fatale begins with a prologue that follows the son of a recently-deceased writer who some mysterious men in black are after.  A beautiful woman comes to his rescue before a new chapter begins, featuring this same woman and a policeman looking into a brutal mass murder.  There are supernatural elements at play here, most evident in the ritualistic murder scene, and the flashback page of robed nazis and demons.  The mixture of noir and the supernatural seems fresh here with neat elements introduced, and a vague mystery and faces that I'm really looking forward to seeing flushed out in later chapters.  I'm not usually a huge fan of noir, but this is a really solidly told issue, paced to perfection, with some of the best art I've seen from Sean Phillips yet (and that's saying something), particularly when working with shadows and darker scenes.  Fatale is creepy, compelling and drenched in noir, with Brubaker's writing at its very best.  The next issue can't come out soon enough.

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