Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pick of the Week 7/27

Here are the books you should be paying attention to, in comic shops tomorrow!

Franco-Belgium All-Ages Comics - Fantagraphics is bringing some acclaimed Post-Herge all-ages comics to American audiences, and this week sees two of them coming to stores that people should be watching for: Gil Jordan, Private Eye: Murder By High Tide HC by M. Tillieux, a funny fast-paced detective story, and Sibyl Anne vs. Ratticus HC by R. Macherot, featuring a mouse in a story that's described as a Pixar version of Wind In the Willows.

Other Noteworthy Releases
Alan Moore: Storyteller HC
Amazing 3D Comics HC
Atomic Robo (Volume 5): Deadly Art of Sciene TP
Black Widow: Kiss or Kill TP
Days Missing (Volume 2): Kestus HC
Defiance GN
Fables #107
I Give To You GN
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen III: Century #2: 1969
The Raven HC
Red Sonya (Volume 8): Blood Dynasty TP
Rip Kirby (Volume 4) HC
Seeds GN
Smurfs (Volume 7): The Astro Smurf GN
Spider-Man: The Complete Ben Reilly Epic (Book 1) TP
The Stand: No Man's Land HC
Supergods: What Sun Gods Can Teach Us About Being Human HC
The Vault #1 (of 3)

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