Monday, July 04, 2011

Manga Monday: Black Sun

Uki Ogasawara

One week later and already I've purchased and read a second manga on my nookcolor.  It makes impulse-buying very easy when you can shop right at your fingertips from your own home.  Anyways, I was trolling through the yaoi manga available the other night and I liked the look of the art from this title, so I took a chance and purchased it.  Black Sun definitely does not shy away from the nudity.  If you're looking for a very erotic experience, this is your title, but it's definitely for the 18+ crowd.  It's sexy, with enough of a plot to make you care somewhat for the characters, and get you from one steamy scene to another.  The title follows Prince Leonard de Limbourg, who is captured as attacking soldiers seize Gerun Fortress while he is in command.  Prince Leonard offers to go quietly if the invaders let his soldiers go, and General Jamal Jan takes Leonard up on his deal, although tests his word immediately as he humiliates Prince Leonard in front of his own men.  From this moment on, Leonard becomes Jamal's slave, but comes to have an affection for Jamal over time, despite the forces within Jamal's castle that mean to stand between them.  Black Sun does not have a very satsifying ending, I should mention.  In fact, it's kind of frustrating.  But if you're looking for a romance full of depth, this isn't really your book anyway (see No Touching At All for that type of yaoi manga).  If you want eye candy, however, this title has plenty of it.

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