Monday, January 17, 2011

Previews HYPE!: March '11

Here are ten books that caught my eye in the latest Previews Catalogue, for books that ship to comic shops in March...

Sugar and Spike Archives (Volume 1) HC - It's not the ideal format for this material, but at least it's being reprinted.  Fans have been waiting for years for this to see the light of day, and finally the first ten issues of Sheldon Mayer's classic will be available again.

The Comics Journal #301 - It's been awhile, but the new issue of The Comics Journal is coming out with over 600 pages of goodies, including an interview with Joe Sacco and a dissection of Crumb's Genesis.

Dan Clowes' Mister Wonderful: A Love Story TP - This is an expanded edition of the story that was serialized in The New York Time Magazine, with forty pages of new material.

Sigil #1 (of 4) - The science fiction series originally published by Crossgen is being reimagined with a 16-year-old girl as the protagonist caught in the middle of a war because of the sigil mark she carries, by Mike Carey (Lucifer) and Leonard Kirk.  I enjoyed the original book and am looking forward to seeing what Marvel plans on doing with the concept.

Ruse #1 (of 4) - Mark Waid was involved with Crossgen originally, so it seems appropriate that he should be involved in Marvel's relaunch, especially on this title, which he wrote the first twelve issues of originally.  This story goes back to the beginning of Simon Archard and Emma Bishop's relationship in the Victorian mystery.

Genius, Isolated: The Life and Art of Alex Toth - This is the first of a three-volume set that focuses on the legendary Alex Toth, from IDW's Library of American Comics line.

Pinocchio HC - This is a dark tale of Pinocchio, which won the Grand Prize at the Angouleme Comics Festival in France, and will be published in the US by Last Gasp.

The Fighting American TP - More Jack Kirby goodness reprinted from Titan Publishing, this is the complete Fighting American, written by Joe Simon.

Green Lantern #64 - Here begins a new epic storyline with "War of the Green Lanterns," just in time for the big blockbuster movie.  Also available from Geoff Johns this month is The Flash by Geoff Johns Omnibus (Volume 1) HC.

Whirlwind Wonderland GN - I don't know much about this book from Rina Ayuyang, but the cover caught my eye.  This story follows a Filipino American girl in a sleepy suburb.

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