Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Pick of the Week 1/5

Here's the book you should be paying attention to in comic shops on Wednesday...

Batman Beyond #1 - I've heard good things about the recently-concluded, soon-to-be-collected Batman Beyond mini-series from Adam Beechen, Ryan Benjamin and John Stanisci, and obviously sales have warranted an ongoing series, as the first issue offering a glimpse of the future of Gotham City comes out this week.

Other Noteworthy Releases
Captain America: War & Remembrance HC
The Complete Little Orphan Annie (Volume 6) HC
Deadworld Omnibus (Volume 1) SC
Death Note Black Edition TP
Fallen Angel: Return of the Son #1 (of 4)
Lady Death #1
The Mighty Thor Omnibus (Volume 1) HC
Steel #1
Superman: Nightwing and Flamebird TP
Ultimate Comics: Captain America #1 (of 4)
The Walking Dead Weekly #1
Weird Worlds #1 (of 6)
Women of Marvel: Seven Decades Omnibus HC


Cape Town Community said...

Did you end up liking this issue? I was left a bit cold by it myself. Nothing bad, but I kept hearing good things but nothing grabbed me here.

Dave Ferraro said...

I decided to wait for the trade of the mini-series before I jump onboard with an ongoing. And I'm kind of hoping the nookcolor apps coming up will include some comic apps, and I can read this one that way since its released same-day digitally.