Saturday, August 14, 2010

Morning Glories #1

Nick Spencer & Joe Eisma

I have to say that the reason I bought this book, even over the premise, was the covers by Rodin Esquejo.  They're just beautiful.  I think I saw a cover on an article at a comics news site after it was solicited and clicked on the article to find out what it was about before I decided to pick it up.  But I completely judged this book by its cover.  That being said, I enjoyed this book, so being judgmental worked this time around.

The book follows a group of kids, from varying backgrounds, accepted into a prestigious prep school.  Little do they know that the school is more than it appears.  From the getgo of Morning Glories, the readers are clued in to the sinister underbelly of the school, as a couple of students try to escape the grounds and are hunted down by guards and some sort of psychotic apparition.  After this brief, bloody action sequence, we are introduced to the protagonists of this book.  A brilliant girl from a loving family, a spoiled cheerleader, a sociopath, a poor kid, a misunderstood emo chick from the country, and a smart Asian kid.  Not the most original cast, but their interactions are fun and I'm assuming they will grow beyond their cardboard cut-out backgrounds as the series progresses.  If the sleeping gas in the car and the flash of a goat having its throat slit during the orientation film wasn't enough of a hint, the new students find out soon enough that they got more than they bargained for when they enrolled at this school, and that they are trapped there, for better or for worse.  The ending of this issue was over the top and weird.  It felt just off, like it didn't belong in the same book with what had come before.  But maybe it's just me, as a lot of the book is kind of odd.  The art, once past that great cover, is decent but nothing too special.  Sometimes it seems a little rushed and the facial expressions at some points are just sort of strange and baffling, but it gets the job done.  Overall, I didn't love Morning Glories #1, but I liked it, and I'm interested enough to see where it goes next.

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