Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Troublemakers

Gilbert Hernandez

The latest graphic novel from master cartoonist and Love & Rockets co-founder Gilbert Hernandez is good pulpy fun.  It's a part of the Fritz "B movies" that Hernandez is "adapting" to comics.  On the inside front covers of this book, there are movie posters for other "films" in this collection, his first one, Chance In Hell, making an appearance, as well as a little corner of Speak of the Devil that Hernandez published through Dark Horse.  Truth be told, I'm really really looking forward to seeing some of the other books in this series.  Chance In Hell was a great debut for the project, and The Troublemakers was a lot of fun, full of swindeling and back-stabbing, but how can they compete with books with titles like Scarlett by Starlight, King Vampire and The Midnight People?  Not to mention the cool posters for Three Mystic Eyes and The Earthians.  Anyways, lots of sex and violence in a really fun pulpy atmosphere make The Troublemakers a great read.  My favorite moment was when Fritz, who lisps in real life but not while acting, lets loose a lisped "yeth" in answer to whether she wants to go up to a guy's room.  It's a nice tip of the hat to her character in Love & Rockets proper, and is perhaps hinting that she wasn't acting when she said that?  Either way, Hernandez fans will enjoy the hell out of this book because there's a lot to love here.

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