Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In Stores 4/22

Here are the highlights of books shipping to comic shops tomorrow!
Pick of the Week
Tales Designed To Thrizzle #5 - Michael Kupperman's hilarious comic book series continues! The alternative comic pamphlet is becoming a rare breed, but Kupperman's book seems to be able to make the cut. There's also a collection of this series due out in July.
Other Noteworthy Releases
Batman: Battle For the Cowl -
.....Arkham #1
The Beats: A Graphic History HC
Blue Beetle: Boundaries TP
BPRD (Volume 10): The Warning
Crayon Shinchan (Volume 8)
DC Library: Batman - The Annuals HC
Fantastic Force #1 (of 5)
Freakangels (Volume 2) TP
Gambit Classic (Volume 1) TP
Ghost Omnibus (Volume 2) TP
Nova (Volume 4): Nova Corps TP
The Question (Volume 4): Welcome To Oz TP
Scalped (Volume 4): The Gravel In Your Guts TP
She-Hulk (Volume 8): Secret Invasion TP
Showcase Presents: Legion of Superheroes (Volume 3) TP
Skrull Kill Krew #1 (of 5)
Spider-Man 2099 (Volume 1) TP
Venus Capriccio (Volume 1)
Wolverine: Not Dead Yet HC
Wolverine: Prodigal Son (Volume 1)
X-Men Omnibus (Volume 1) HC

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