Friday, February 06, 2009

The Walking Dead (Volume 9)

Here We Remain
Robert Kirkman & Charlie Adlard
***Contains Spoilers!***
Following the catastrophic events that took place at the end of volume eight of The Walking Dead, volume nine begins with the group separated - well, those who survived the previous battle. Plenty of heart-breaking scenes smatter this book, from young Carl having to watch over his sick father, and growing up quite a bit in the process, to Rick himself dealing with the loss of his wife in a sad, crazy way. But it's good to see that these characters aren't in a comfortable place again, as it's much more exciting this way, with danger lurking around every corner, Kirkman proving once more that despite appearances, everyone is very, very vulnerable in this new world. And I'm glad that Michonne is alive. She's my favorite character in the entire book (she kicks ass and she's very flawed), and I like the rapport building between her and Rick. There's also a nice bitter-sweet reunion between the survivors later on, but I'm not sure about the new development in the series: stumbling upon a group of people trying to get a guy who may be able to cure the plague to Washington D.C. It seems a little too much like, you know, a zombie movie. I like this book being about how the survivors make out amid the devastation, carrying on the human race in pathetic tatters. But who knows? Kirkman has done an amazing job so far, so I suppose I'll just have to trust him and leave the story in his capable hands.

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