Friday, February 27, 2009

New Avengers #50

Brian Michael Bendis & various
......It's hard to believe that we're already fifty issues into this series, but here we are at the anniversary. Judging from the cover and the way things have been going, I expected the New Avengers to go up against Norman Osborn's newly-assembled team of Dark Avengers (especially since they were discussing who was wearing whose costumes at the beginning). That was one of the problems I had with Civil War. The two Avengers teams fought each other really early, and frequently, so it was hardly exciting when a battle took place. There was no anticipation. There was no waiting for that big fight - it was just there, and often. It seems Bendis has learned from his mistakes as, instead of pitting the two teams against one another immediately (which would see a cool Hawkeye vs. Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel vs. Ms. Marvel, Wolverine vs. Wolverine, etc.), Osborne had the insight to play the New Avengers' lure to battle against them, and instead the Avengers found themselves fighting The Hood and his mercenaries. And this also made for a very cool fight. I usually don't like more than one artist illustrating an issue, as is the case here, but the various artists involved in this issue took on one page that followed a single (well, nearly) New Avenger in their battle, and it made for kind of a cool overall effect. Except for Greg Horn, whose art I find distracting and garish 99% of the time. But overall, this was a fun issue and I'm glad to see the story building toward something. So far, I've been pretty impressed with Dark Reign.

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