Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Most Anticipated Comics of 2009

Here are the comics I'm most looking forward to reading over the next year...

The Artist Himself: A Rand Holmes Retrospective - I know nothing about Rand Holmes, but I really enjoyed Fantagraphics' retrospective of Rory Hayes this past year, so I have high hopes for this book.

AX (Volume 1) - Top Shelf is putting this out, an anthology of alternative manga!

The Book of Genesis According To Crumb - R. Crumb's book-length adaptation of, well, The Book of Genesis.

Captain Easy, Soldier of Fortune: The Complete Sunday Newspaper Strips (Volume 1) - Just when you thought all of the good comics strips were already being collected, you get something fun like this.

Cold Heat - Frank Santoro's series (of which only part was published in floppies) gets collected in June!

Dal Tokyo - Gary Panter's comic from Japan is being published in America after quite a delay.

A Drifting Life - Yoshihiro Tatsumi's massive autobiography!

George Sprott 1894-1975 - This is Seth's new book, collecting his strip from The New York Times.

Herriman's Hoomins: The Complete Stumble Inn & US Husbands - A book collecting George Herriman's non-Krazy Kat strips.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century #2 - More of the League from Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill!

Nancy (Volume 1) - Another exciting comic strip archival project!

Orange - This kicks off Tokyopop's new line of color manga.

Pluto/20th Century Boys - Now that Monster is over, two of Naoki Urasawa's other great works will be collected. I hear Pluto is spectacular.

Pogo: The Complete Daily and Sunday Strips (Volume 1) - After a huge delay, Fantagraphics is finally putting out the first book in a complete Walt Kelly's Pogo series, with covers by Jeff Smith.

Sandman by Kirby and Simon - It's a wonderful time for Jack Kirby reprints, and they just keep coming.

Scott Pilgrim (Volume 5): Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe - More of Bryan Lee O'Malley's hilarious hipster comic is a good thing.

Tales Designed To Thrizzle (Volume 1) - Michael Kupperman's acclaimed comedy series gets a first collection.

The Troublemakers - This was announced a while back, but the latest Gilbert Hernandez graphic novel will see the light of day this year!

You Shall Die By Your Own Evil Creation! - More Fletcher Hanks.

You'll Never Know (Book 1): "A Good and Decent Man" - Carol Tyler (Late Bloomer) has a new graphic novel coming out.

I'm sure there's going to be plenty of great stuff this year, but at least we know of some good stuff that's for sure coming our way.

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