Thursday, November 27, 2008

Previews: February '09 Comics

Here are the highlights from Previews Catalogue of comics shipping to comic stores in February!

Ape Entertainment

The Black Coat & Athena Voltaire One-Shot - Two comic characters from different eras find a connection through pirates' treasure in this book featuring two complete stories. Only $2!

Bluewater Productions

Female Force: Sarah Palin - Because nobody will care by the time this comes out.

Bodega Distribution

Daybreak (Volume 3) GN - The third and final volume of Brian Ralph's zombie comic!

Dark Horse

Dawn: The Worlds of Final Fantasy - Yoshitaka Amano's artwork that inspired the designs of the initial Final Fantasy games.

Turok: Son of Stone Archives (Volume 1) HC - The classic man-meets-dinosaurs comic gets collected in a nice format.

DC Comics

100 Bullets #100 - The final issue.

Batman Confidential #26 - Hard to believe that King Tut has never made a comic book appearance, but here's his debut.

Birds of Prey #127 - The final issue.

Emma (Volume 8) - Kaoru Mori's excellent Victorian manga continues with a volume focusing on supporting characters from her universe.

Fantagraphics Books

The Comic Journal #296 - It's the issue featuring the best books of the year! Yay!

Humbug HC - Harvey Kurtzman's classic comic in a deserving deluxe format.

IDW Publishing

Angel #18 - Not only are two issues of Angel coming out this month, but novelist Kelly Armstrong takes over the helm after the "After the Fall" arc concludes with the previous issue. Also available this month, Spike: After the Fall HC.

Danger Unlimited TP - Another John Byrne collection! This one collects Babe and its sequel to round out the entire Danger Unlimited comics on one book. Also available this month, a hardcover version of John Byrne's Next Men collection.

Image Comics

Amber Atoms #1 - This looks like a cute little sci-fi comic, written and illustrated by Kelly Yates.

Savage Dragon #145 - Savage Dragon returns to working for the Chicago Police Department. A lot of fans will be pleased.

Marvel Comics

Agents of Atlas #1 - The fan-favorite mini-series of last year gets an ongoing from creator Jeff Parker!

Astonishing Tales #1 - A new monthly anthology series begins this month featuring various characters from the Marvel universe, written and illustrated by various teams.

Avengers: Knights of Wundagore TP - The origin of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver! And other stuff. Collects Avengers #181-187.

Black Panther #1 - Apparently, there's going to be a new Black Panther, a female this time around.

Captain Britian and MI-13 (Volume 1): Secret Invasion - Get caught up with the new superhero book that people are actually talking about!

Cloak & Dagger: Child of Darkness, Child of Light Premiere HC - The initial issues of Cloak and Dagger's comic.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Earth Shall Overcome Premiere HC - The future of Earth sees four heroes from the future trying to wrestle the planet back from lizard invaders in the books collected in this hardcover, featuring characters who would go on to be part of the original Guardians of the Galaxy.

Marvel Masterworks: The Fantastic Four (Volume 1) TP - Marvel's giving another go at printing their full-color hardcover series in paperback, beginning with Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's great work.

Models, Inc. #1 (of 4) - Hey! I loved this TV show....oh, wait. Not that Models, Inc. This mini-series focuses on the models of the Marvel U - Mary Jane, Millie the Model, Patsy Walker, etc. with Ultra-ish covers.

Secret Warriors #1 - Spinning out of Secret Invasion, this book follows Nick Fury and his new team of commandos.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #60/Ultimate X-Men #100 - Two Ultimate books come to a conclusion with Ultimatum's climax.

X-Men: Inferno HC - I guess this is for people who are going to go on to read X-Infernus in collected forms, since this book comes out halfway through its sequel event's run...


Manhwa 100: The New Era For Korean Comics TP - This is a compilation of 100 samplings of the best manhwa out there, representing the Korean comic industry. You'll find introductions and other key information throughout this book.

Oni Press

Scott Pilgrim (Volume 5): Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe - Aw, yeah! Bryan Lee O'Malley's notorious hipster is back!

Titan Publishing

The Best of Simon & Kirby HC - A collection of stories from Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, representing every genre they worked on, authorized by Simon and the Kirby Estate, and handpicked by Joe Simon!


Kitty Pryde Fine Art Bust - I'm a sucker for everything Kitty Pryde, and here's a nice bust featuring the girl in question with Ogun's mask and a sword. It will soon be mine. =)

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