Tuesday, November 18, 2008

In Stores 11/19

Here are the best-sounding books shipping to comic shops tomorrow! Kind of a light week...
Pick of the Week
Jack Kirby's The Demon Omnibus HC - From the early 1970's, this collects the entirety of the original beloved 16-issue series by Jack Kirby in a nice deserving format. That's 384 pages for just $50!
Other Noteworthy Releases
Daniel X: Alien Hunter GN
Dead Space HC
Fables (Volume 11): War and
.....Pieces TP
Fuzz and Pluck: Splitsville HC
Heroes (Volume 2): Standard
.....Edition HC
Lagoon HC
Punisher by Garth Ennis Omnibus HC
Spider-Man: Kraven's First Hunt Premiere HC
The Spirit Special #1
Star Trek: The Last Generation #1
Swallow Me Whole
The Walking Dead (Volume 4) HC
The X-Files #1 (of 6)
X-Men: Magik: Storm and Illyana Premiere HC
Young X-Men (Volume 1): Final Genesis TP
Youngblood (Volume 1) HC

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