Monday, November 19, 2007

Manga Monday 52: Wild Rock

Wild Rock
Kazusa Takashima

It's been awhile since I've read a yaoi manga, but it's something I'm certainly interested in reading more of. I've been going back and forth on a few suggestions and decided to try out this single-volume work, Wild Rock, which takes place back in the Stone Age. The story follows Emba and Yuuen, heirs to different clans who fall in love with each other when the great hunter Emba saves meek Yuuen from a beast he's out hunting. In wake of a food shortage that Yuuen's clan is facing, he is sent out in girl's attire (since he looks pretty feminine) to trick Emba into providing them with meat. The interactions between the two sizzle as Yuuen's guilt weighs heavy on his conscience until all is revealed in the end. I really enjoyed Kazusa Takashima's artwork - the long torsos of the characters grew on me as it went along. And this book was really pretty hot, which isn't too typical in the emotionally-charged stories written by women for women. The entire book consisted of men running around shirtless, in loin cloths (like something from a Spartan movie...), and, culminated in a pretty hot (and kind of graphic) lovemaking session. There's also a bonus story that digs a little deeper into the clan histories that has nothing to do with Emba or Yuuen, but is a fun yaoi story in its own right. The stories are pretty simple and straight-forward, but are pretty romantic and will certainly sate the appetite of even the most fervent of yaoi fans. A

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