Saturday, November 24, 2007

Angel: After the Fall #1

Joss Whedon, Brian Lynch & Franco Urru

Hot on the heels of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer: Season 8, comes the comic book continuation of the hit television show's spin-off TV series Angel, following the adventures of Buffy Summers' former lover and vampire with a soul, the brooding Angel. Following up on events from the series finale at the end of season five of the television series, readers are now transported to Los Angeles once more, where Los Angeles itself has been transported to Hell. Angel and a host of familiar faces are helping the surviving humans stay that way with the help of Angel's new pet dragon and an unsettling new liaison from evil law firm Wolfram & Hart, one ghost of Wesley Wyndham-Price. It's interesting that Angel is still working for them, though he confesses that trying to use the company's resources for good was one of the biggest mistakes of his life in the opening inner monologue. There are other surprises along the way, particularly the closing sequence, making for an altogether very exciting return to these characters. It's mostly set-up, and even then, in floppy format, Whedon and Lynch don't get around to bringing the entire cast back into the mix, most notably Spike. But things look extremely promising with this bold start. While Joss Whedon isn't as involved in this venture through IDW as he is with its counterpart from Dark Horse, Whedon is credited as co-plotter with Lynch, who also does scripts, and Whedon is bringing his specific vision for what happened in that alley to the fans. Franco Urru is a great choice for the artist of the series, and it's all off to an impressive beginning. A

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