Tuesday, March 06, 2007

New Releases 3/6 - 3/9

DVD Releases (Tues, 3/6)
Fast Food Nation
Hawaii Five-O: Season One
Let's Go To Prison
Moonlighting: Season Five
Northern Exposure: Season Six
Peter Pan
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch: Season One
Stargate: Atlantis: Season Two
South Park: Season Nine

Previous Week:
IMDb Top DVD Rental: Babel
Billboard Top DVD Sales: The Departed
My Barnes & Noble #1: The Secret

Music Releases (Tues, 3/6)
300 Original Score
Air - Pocket Symphony
Arcade Fire - Neon Bible
Duncan Sheik - Greatest Hits: Brighter
Gary Allan - Greatest Hits
Kelly Sweet - We Are One
Korn - MTV Unplugged
Mary Chapin-Carpenter - The Calling
Relient K - Five Score & Seven Years Ago
Ry Cooper - My Name Is Buddy
Sevendust - Alpha

Previous Week:
Billboard Top 200 #1: Norah Jones - Not Too Late
My Barnes & Noble #1: Norah Jones - Not Too Late

Comic Releases (Wed, 3/7)
Authority: Under New Management TP
Backstage Prince (Volume 1)
Bomb Queen III #1
Daredevil by Frank Miller & Klaus Janson Omnibus (Volume 1) HC
Darkness Ultimate Collection TP
Death Note (Volume 10)
EC Archives: Two-Fisted Tales (Volume 1) HC
Ex Machina (Volume 5): Smoke Smoke
Exterminators (Volume 2): Insurgency
Mighty Avengers #1
Ms. Marvel (Volume 2): Civil War Premiere HC
Naruto (Volume 13)
Nightwing: Brothers In Blood TP
Showcase Presents: House of Mystery (Volume 2)
Spider-Man: Saga of the Sandman TP
Supergirl: Candor TP
Thor: Eternals Saga (Volume 2)

Theatrical Releases (Fri, 3/9)

Previous Week #1: Wild Hogs

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