Friday, March 30, 2007

Inverloch (Volume 1)

Sarah Ellerton

The first printed volume of the hit webcomic Inverloch is really a great all-ages read. It follows a young da'kor (a race of feared wolfish creatures) named Acheron, who by chance meets a young female elf one day and falls for her, promising to help her find the mate she lost when she was young. Acheron sets out on an adventure in a large fantastic world completely unknown to him, and learns the hardship of discrimination, intimidation and choosing your friends and enemies. This promises to be quite an epic adventure ala Lord of the Rings, with some great art from Ellerton that looks like it could rival some of the best Disney character designs out there. There's nothing particularly unique to this story that hasn't been seen in other similar fantasy stories, but I haven't seen anything quite like this in comic form, and it really is suited for the medium under the creator's guiding hand. The story unfolds in a great cinematic fashion that makes for very fluid sequences, with endearing characters that readers are sure to want to revisit in subsequent volumes. B+

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