Sunday, April 05, 2015

In the Know: Elektra

With Marvel's Daredevil beginning in less than a week, it's a good time to brush up on the character that most people are excited to see in Daredevil's life: his one-time lover, the assassin Elektra.

Essential Reading

Daredevil #173-182 (Frank Miller and Klaus Janson) - This includes the height of Daredevil's relationship with Elektra, as well as that famous battle between Elektra and Bullseye.  You can get this in "Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller (Volume 2)."

Elektra: Assassin (Frank Miller and Bill Sienkiewicz) - The insanely beautiful (and just plain insane) story that sees Elektra as a force of nature, clever and invincible.  It also delves into some messed-up things from her childhood.  One of the best superhero stories period.

Recommended Reading

Elektra: Everything Old is New Again (Greg Rucka and Joe Bennett) - The best portrayal of Elektra since Frank Miller's original run on the character, this storyline sees Elektra grapple with a conflict of conscience.

Daredevil #190-191 (Frank Miller and Klaus Janson) - The "resurrection" of Elektra, by The Hand.  This is collected in "Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller (Volume 3)."

Further Reading

Elektra Lives Again (Frank Miller and Lynn Varley) - Matt Murdoch sees a ghost - Elektra.  But is it really her?  Another beautifully rendered story that sees the two former lovers come face to face.

Dark Reign: Elektra (Zeb Wells and Clay Mann) - Following the events of Secret Invasion, in which Elektra was replaced by a skrull (she was, in fact, the first character to be revealed as having been replaced by a shape-shifting alien during this crossover event), Elektra is kidnapped at her weakest, but takes it upon herself to be her own savior during this difficult time.

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