Sunday, March 15, 2015

Previews Highlights: May 2015

I've scoured Previews Catalogue for the best of what the upcoming month has in store for comic shops.  Here's what's happening in May...

Five Hidden Gems

1. Harrow County #1 - Culleen Bunn and Tyler Crook create a screwed-up looking southern gothic fantasy-horror book.

2. Donald Duck #1 - Why, yes, IDW is publishing Disney comics featuring the likes of Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge with original material as well as reprints from the European comics.

3. Mythic #1 - Phil Hester and John McCrea weave a fantasy about how science is a crock, and magic is real, and the people who keep the masses in the dark.

4. Exquisite Corpse HC - This graphic novel from French superstar Penelope Bagieu is a mystery featuring a dim protagonist, and it's sure to have some pretty amazing art.

5. Where Monsters Dwell #1 (of 5) - Did anyone else notice that Garth Ennis is doing a fighter plane versus dinosaurs book for Marvel?

Four Collected Editions

1. Marvel Firsts: The 1990s Omnibus HC - Hell yes.  A nice fat helping of 90's art and badassery.  1288 pages of debut issues featuring 90's favorites like Deathlok, Ghost Rider, New Warriors, Foolkiller, Darkhawk, Sleepwalker, X-Force, Death's Head II, Nightstalkers, Cable, X-Force and Silver Sable and the Wild Pack.

2. The Sandman: Gallery Edition HC - See pages from the Sandman series in their original form, featuring the entirety of the first issue, and plenty of pages from various artists on the groundbreaking series.

3. Wytches (Volume 1) TP - The genuinely scary book from Scott Snyder and Jock gets its first collected edition.  Screwed up, creepy and awesome.

4. Frank Miller's Daredevil: Artifact Edition HC - Presenting the art from Daredevil in its original form, this includes over 20 covers, the intro and death of Elektra, and tons more.

Three Can't Miss Books

1. Secret Wars #1 (of 8) - The big Marvel event that will redefine the Marvel Universe begins here!

2. The Legend of Zelda: A Link To the Past - Shotaro Ishinomori's manga originally serialized in Nintendo Power is being collected.

3. A-Force #1 - The new all-female Avengers team book launches!

Two Under the Radar

1. Inferno #1 - Dennis Hopeless writes this one, featuring a fallen Magik ruling over Hell-on-Earth.

2. Emma (Volume 1) - Out of print ever since CMX disappeared, Kaoru Mori's beloved manga is going to be made available once more, courtesy of Yen Press.

One Random Item of the Month

1. One Piece P.O.P. (Portrait of Pirates): Trafalgar Law PVC Figure

And the

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