Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pick of the Week 11/28

Here is the book you should be paying attention to, in comic shops tomorrow...

Diosamante HC - This graphic novel collection from Humanoids is a gorgeous fantasy tale about a cruel queen, from European creators Alexandro Jodorowsky (the fan-favorite Incal) and Jean-Claude Gal.

Other Noteworthy Releases
Captain Atom (Volume 1): Evolution TP
DC Universe Presents (Volume 1): Deadman Challengers TP
FF #1
Forbidden Worlds Archives (Volume 1) HC
Infestation 2 Complete Series HC
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magical #1
RIPD: City of the Damned #1
Sailor Moon Box Set #1: Volumes 1-6
Star Bright and the Looking Glass HC
Tad Caldwell and the Monster Kid GN

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