Wednesday, October 26, 2011

X-Men Regenesis #1

Kieron Gillen & Billy Tan

I'm a big fan of Kieron Gillen's X-Men material for the most part, especially his short-lived series S.W.O.R.D., however this one-shot that sees the relaunch of the X-Men line is a complete throw-away, a waste of time and talent.  It shows the fall-out from the X-Men: Schism mini-series, where Cyclops and Wolverine have an ethical disagreement that leads to them deciding that they can no longer work with one another.  Basically, Wolverine doesn't think that children (teenagers really) should be fighting as X-Men, and Cyclops thinks that not teaching them to fight will get them hurt in this hard world they live in, where mutants are pretty much attacked from every front.  So Wolverine has decided to move back to Winchester, New York to restart a school to teach mutants, while Cyclops plans to remain in San Francisco.  X-Men Regenesis pretty much shows which X-Men are siding with which new team, as Logan and Scott approach various members of the X-Men to recruit them.  As each member decides on which side they are on, the artist flashes to this weird scene where Cyclops and Wolverine are battling each other in loincloths and animal skins, and each X-Man is depicted in this garb.  It's...weird.  The conversations that the X-Men have that lead them to their decisions are pretty shallow too, not insightful or interesting, but just...seemed like they were talking to fill the pages.  I hope the rest of the X-Men relaunch is better than this, because this was completely underwhelming and just plain bad.  Not a good start.

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