Sunday, August 21, 2011

Previews HYPE: October '11

Here are the highlights of books that I'm excited about, or think may get overlooked, in Previews Catologue for October...

Walt Disney's Donald Duck in "Lost In the Andes" by Carl Barks - Carl Barks' beloved duck comics are finally being collected, beginning with this hardcover.

Everything (Volume 1): Comics From 1978-1981 HC - The first collection in an effort to bring all of Lynda Barry's works together (including Ernie Pook's Comeek).

Princess Knight (Volume 1) GN - Finally!!!  Osamu Tezuka's pioneering shojo manga is reprinted for American audiences.

The Annotated Sandman (Volume 1) HC - A panel-by-panel in-depth look at Neil Gaiman's acclaimed series, wih an introduction and notes by Leslie S. Klinger. Also available this month, a look at another important comic in Metamaus: A Look Inside a Modern Classic, Maus HC.

X-Men Regenesis #1 - This one-shot will show us just who is following who in the new X-Men titles launching in the wake of X-Men: Schism.  One of the two new titles also launches this month, with Wolverine and the X-Men #1.

The Grave Doug Freshley GN - Solicited before, this graphic novel western about a murdered man who comes back to life to protect the child he's been charged with, finally looks like it's going to be coming out.

John Byrne's Cold War #1 - An all-new series from the legendary John Byrne.

DC Comics Presents: The Jack Kirby Omnibus Sampler #1 - A nice sampling of Kirby material to entice you into buying the omnibus.

Hark! A Vagrant! HC - Kate Beaton's web comic strip gets collected to reach a new audience.

Incredible Hulk #1 - Neal Adams and Marc Silvestri team up on a new Hulk book.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Volume 6): Cabin Fever HC - Kids will be pining for the latest offering in this best-selling series from Jeff Kinney.

Spera (Volume 1) HC - A new fantasy from Archaia featuring two princesses in a magical realm.  Looks pretty.

Wally Wood's EC Stories: Artist's Edition HC - The latest addition to IDW's ambitious Artist's Edition series of deluxe books.

Batman: Odyssey (Volume 2) #1 (of 7) - Neal Adams returns to the Dark Knight.

Tesoro: Short Stories 1998-2008 - Short manga works from Natsume Ono.

X-Men #1: 20th Anniversary Edition - This will be an interesting look back at Chris Claremont and Jim Lee's relaunch of X-Men in 1991, recolored in a modern style.

Bob Powell's Terror HC - From Yoe Books! comes the perfect Halloween collection, the second book in The Chilling Archives of Horror Comics series.

Legion of Monsters #1 (of 4) - A new mini-series featuring Elsa Bloodstone battling all sorts of nasties. I've missed the spunky monster hunter since Nextwave was cancelled.

The Someday Funnies HC - Michael Choquette edits this collection of comic strips from the 70's, from top talent such as Jack Kirby, Art Spiegelman and Gahan Wilson.

1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die HC - I really like this series of books that highlights things like 1001 Records, 1001 Children's Books, etc.  Finally, a comic version is coming out, edited by the highly-qualified Paul Gravett.

Bill Griffith: Lost and Found 1970-1994 SC - A collection of Bill Griffith's early undeground works.

Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes #1 (of 6) - An interesting team-up.

Avengers 1959 #1 - I wasn't a huge fan of the flashback sequences in Secret Avengers that introduced this team of Avengers from 1959, but it's a good mix of characters including Namora, the original Silver Sable, and Sabertooth.

Black Fire GN - I like that image provided for the cover, in a book about two soldiers who stumble upon an isolated town where off things are going down.

30 Days of Night #1 - A new ongoing horror series with Steve Niles returning to his breakthrough title. Appropriately launching in October.

Feel Better Now - Jonathan Hickman writes and draws a new 40-page creator-owned comic at Image.

The Huntress #1 (of 6) - A new mini featuring Birds of Prey member Huntress, which will tie into that other series soon.

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