Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pick of the Week 5/25

Here is the book you should be paying attention to, in comic shops on Wednesday...

Book of Lilah GN - This just seems like a fun story, priced at a low $8.99.  From the publisher: For thousands of years, a secret association known as the Keepers has quietly protected the world's knowledge. This group skillfully tracks and cultivates world progress, and at times destroys knowledge that they believe could harm mankind. Someone is after the Keepers, and it's up to one unsuspecting 20-year-old girl named Lilah to save the day.

Other Noteworthy Releases
5 Ronin HC
Al Capp's Shmoo: The Complete Newspaper Strips (Volume 2) HC
American Vampire (Volume 2) HC
Anthology Project (Volume 2) HC
Beauty and the Squat Bears HC
Charlaine Harris' Grave Sight (Volume 1) GN
Deep Sleeper HC
Ducktales #1
Emma Frost Ultimate Collection TP
Even the Giants GN
George RR Martin's Doorways HC
Green Lantern Corps: Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns HC
Invincible Iron Man (Volume 7): My Monsters HC
Kirby Genesis #0
L.A. Banks' Vampire Huntress (Volume 1) TP
Lucid HC
Mega Man: Gigamix (Volume 1) TP
Mystique by Brian K. Vaughan Ultimate Collection TP
Pixar Presents Cars #1
The Smurfs (Volume 6): The Smurfs and the Howlibird GN
Strange Adventures #1
Ultimate Comics: Captain America HC
Ultimate War HC
Yeah! GN

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