Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pick of the Week 3/16

Here is the book you should be paying attention to, in comic shops tomorrow...

Ruse #1 (of 4) - Another book from Marvel's Crossgen imprint debuts this week, the first issue in a four issue mini-series.  This was one of Crossgen's best titles, a Victorian mystery, and former Crossgen creator Mark Waid is writing, with Mirco Pierfederici on pencils.  Also, note that another comic company's resurrection is taking place this week (and not just as an imprint), as many Atlas Comics make their debut this week, including Grim Ghost and Phoenix.

Other Noteworthy Releases
Classic Jurassic Park (Volume 2): Raptors' Revenge TP
Deadpool Max: History of Violence #1
Grim Ghost #1
IZombie (Volume 1): Dead To the World TP
Krazy & Ignatz 1912-1921: Benevolent Brick TP
Phoenix #1
Sea Ghost #1: Sea Ghost In the Machine
Spider #1
Suddenly Something Happened GN
Xombi #1

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