Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pick of the Week 12/2

It's already December in a few days!  Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, books will be in stores on Thursday this week.  Here's the book you should be paying attention to...

Tezuka's Ayako GN - I know pretty much nothing about this new graphic novel being reprinted by Vertical, but it's Osamu Tezuka, so it's bound to be pretty awesome.

Other Noteworthy Releases
Achewood (Volume 3): Home For Scared People HC
Brightest Day (Volume 1) HC
Chaos War: God Squad #1
Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers #1
Creepy Archives (Volume 8) HC
Fables (Volume 14): Witches TP
Heroes For Hire #1
Lady Death #0
Marineman #1
Sky Doll: Space Ship HC
Wolverine: Best There Is #1

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