Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lucid #1 (of 4)

Michael McMillian & Anna Wieszczyx

Lucid is a new mini-series published by Archaia in association with Before the Door, the media company co-founded by Heroes star Zachary Quinto, with Corey Moosa and Neal Dodson.  This is actually the first of many collaborations between the two companies, and is filed under Archaia's new Black Label imprint.  Lucid is written and created by Michael McMillian, who you may be familiar with, as he played a big guest role on season two of HBO's True Blood.  He's been a long-time comic book fan and is now living his dream of creating them.  The story is kind of a mixture of the spy genre with magic.  It follows Matthew Dee, an experienced magician who's hired by the President of the United States to protect the country from magical threats.  He works with a small group of covert magicians, and now has a new handler in the enigmatic, aloof Vivian Lock.  It's a fun premise, with plenty of potential.  The storytelling is clean and clear with some snappy dialogue, although it does get bogged down a bit in technical babble.  It gives the impression that the writer is very proud of coming up with these convoluted magic backstories, even though it weighs down the story.  The art is really nice, courtesy of Anna Wieszczyx, who provides an artstyle that reminded me a lot of Aeon Flux from MTV in the 90's.  But I love the lanky forms of the people she draws and the great action scenes and magic visuals.  Overall, a pretty compelling first issue.

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