Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Most Exciting News from San Diego

There were plenty of exciting announcements, as usual, at this year's Comic-Con in San Diego.  Here are five things that were particularly exciting for me...

1. Crossgen by Marvel - I've been wondering about this for awhile now.  Disney bought Crossgen's properties years ago, and now that Disney has Marvel under its umbrella, Marvel now has access to those titles.  When Marvel presented the crossgen sigil on a slide during the convention, it raised a few eyebrows.  There's an interview at Comics Book Resources, where Joe Quesada talks about using the properties to beef up their genre offerings, but tweaking the titles to make them fit in at Marvel better.  I was a huge Crossgen fan, so this is exciting news for me!!

2. John Byrne's Next Men - IDW has been reprinting the entire thirty issue run (plus a prequel) to John Byrne's much-beloved Next Men in nice hardcover and softcover editions, but now John Byrne will be creating all-new Next Men stories for the company!

3. Floyd Gottfredson's Mickey Mouse - Fantagraphics will be publishing Floyd Gottfredson's complete 1930-1975 Mickey Mouse comic strips!  Read a short interview about it with Gary Groth here.

4. Archaia All-Ages - Another volume of the fantastic all-ages fantasy Gunnerkrigg Court is on its way, as well as a second Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard anthology, featuring talent like Stan Sakai and Bill Willingham!

5. Definitive Flash Gordon & Jungle Jim - Another exciting comic strip announcement is that IDW will be publishing the Alex Raymond comic strips Flash Gordon and Jungle Jim through their Library of American Comics reprint line.

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