Thursday, June 03, 2010

Galacta: Daughter of Galactus #1

Adam Warren & Hector Sevilla Lujan

Collected from the webcomic of the same name (plus a short story from an anthology), this one-shot introduces readers to the daughter of Galactus, Galacta, who lives on Earth.  And like her world-devouring father, she has an instatiable appetite and wants nothing more than to consume living things.  She lives in the guise of a human, and lives among them, oftentimes assessing the humans she comes into contact with by how much nutritional value they would serve to offer.  She does the same thing when watching TV, calling all channels The Food Network.  But Galacta doesn't want to be an all-consuming hated entity.  So, she's basically a vegetarian, eating only non-Earth creatures that have invaded the planet, usually bacteria or some creatures flying under the radar of the world's super scientists.  In this way, she aids Earth from alien aggressors, but she also protects her home from harm in other ways, basically acting as a superhero on her own to stop stray meteors from crashing into it, people from setting off Doomsday Devices, etc.  She's a cute always-hungry character created by Adam Warren.  And much like Adam Warren's Dirty Pair, it's very manga-influenced, if you couldn't tell by the story and the cover image.  Sevilla's art is perfect for portraying such an off-beat, strange story in his manga style, complete with plenty of the familiar facial expressions and tropes of manga.  And while this is a very original, inventive comic, it's also very verbose.  Very, very verbose.  Basically, throughout the entire one-shot, Galacta talks non-stop, whether a cute little one-liner for her Twitter account, or just babbling on incessantly at the reader (or her father, whom she's trying to send a message to).  She barely interacts with anyone the entire time, so it's a lot of watching her do stuff while she explains what she's doing, going into plenty of scientific explanations and observations that beg to be skimmed over.  Unfortunately, this makes it kind of a chore to read.  I wish Warren had held back and let the readers enjoy the character instead of trying to impress readers with Galacta's cute babble, making it very clear that she's a superior being, but nice and admirable at the same time.  Perhaps, I don't know, a fight or something would have been nice, something to give her to interact with to make things more interesting and flow more naturally.  As is, it's kind of a snooze-fest.

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